Looking Back, Looking Forward

It’s the end of January in Connecticut and so far, it’s been a fairly typical winter here. We’ve had our share of ice and snow, of bitter winds and subzero temperatures. But not Jim, no sirree. Each and every year, with his Thanksgiving meal still digesting, Jim packs up and abandons the cold north in favor of pina coladas by the pool in Florida. Doesn’t like the cold, he says. Doesn’t like to shovel snow.

In the meantime, the rest of the band counts the months, weeks and days until Jim’s long-awaited spring return. Sure, we each have our own winter projects and collaborations to keep us going, but there really is no music quite like Still Pickin’ music, and we are all looking forward to performing together once again throughout the spring and summer of 2019 (Scheduled events coming soon to the Calendar page).

Let this short compilation video of our performance at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival in Hebron, CT (August 10, 2018) be a reminder that warmer is not always better. It was a hot day. Really, really hot. Drippy foreheads, sweaty fingers, sweaty boots hot. In spite of the weather, we had a great time at Podunk, and hope Bluegrass lovers everywhere will make it out to the new site in Goshen, CT for Podunk 2019.

Hurry home, Jim. The weather is fine, wish you were here.

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